Commit 05633aa6 authored by Stephen Thompson's avatar Stephen Thompson

Issue #8 changed description of get frame return

parent a7e91c7e
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ class NDITracker:
self._device_firmware_version = None
self._use_bx_transforms = None
self._state = None
self._use_quaternions = None
def connect(self, configuration):
......@@ -197,6 +198,11 @@ class NDITracker:
if self._tracker_type == "dummy":
if "use quaternions" in configuration:
self._use_quaternions = configuration.get("use quaternions")
self._use_quaternions = False
def _config_vega(self, configuration):
Internal function to check configuration of a polaris vega
......@@ -376,19 +382,19 @@ class NDITracker:
def get_frame(self):
"""Gets a frame of tracking data from the NDI device.
:return: A NumPy array. One row per rigid body. Each row contains:
0: the port handle,
1: time stamp
port_numbers : list of port handles, one per tool
2: the NDI devices frame number
time_stamps : list of timestamps (cpu clock), one per tool
3-5: x,y,z coords,
frame_numbers : list of framenumbers (tracker clock) one per tool
6-9: the rotation as a quaternion.
tracking : list of 4x4 tracking matrices, rotation and position,
or if use_quaternions is true, a list of tracking quaternions,
column 0-2 is x,y,z column 3-6 is the rotation as a quaternion.
10: the tracking quality.
tracking_quality : list the tracking quality, one per tool.
Note: The time stamp is based on the host computer clock. Read the
following extract from NDI's API Guide for advice on what to use:
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