Commit 52c08a62 authored by Stephen Thompson's avatar Stephen Thompson

Issue #6 added firmware version and state member variables

parent 441202f1
......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ from platform import system
from subprocess import call
from time import time
from six import int2byte
from numpy import full, nan
from ndicapy import (ndiDeviceName, ndiProbe, ndiOpen, ndiClose,
ndiOpenNetwork, ndiCloseNetwork,
......@@ -33,6 +32,9 @@ class NDITracker:
self.port = None
self.serial_port = None
self.ports_to_probe = None
self.device_firmware_version = None
self.useBXTransforms = True
self.state = None
def connect(self, configuration):
......@@ -65,6 +67,21 @@ class NDITracker:
if self.tracker_type == "dummy":
self.device = True
def _get_firmware_version():
Gets the device's firmware version, and sets
""" this is what I got from our Aurora
'Aurora Control Firmware\nNDI S/N: B5-03023\nCharacterization Date: 2014-09-30\nFreeze Tag: AURORA Rev 007\nFreeze Date: 2011-04-19\n(C) Northern Digital Inc.\n'
version = ndiVER ( self.device , 0 )
def _connect_vega(self):
......@@ -298,8 +315,8 @@ class NDITracker:
ndiCommand(self.device, "PHSR:03")
for tool in self.tool_descriptors:
mode = 'D'
ndiCommand(self.device, "PENA:%02X%c", tool.get("port handle"),
ndiCommand(self.device, "PENA:{02x}{}".format(tool.get("port handle"),
self._check_for_errors('Enabling port handle {}.'
.format(tool.get("port handle")))
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