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Issue #7 changed enable tools to check for avaialable ports, that aren't...

Issue #7 changed enable tools to check for avaialable ports, that aren't already in tool descriptors list.
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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ setup(
......@@ -333,10 +333,13 @@ class NDITracker:
for ndi_tool_index in range(number_of_tools):
port_handle = ndiGetPHSRHandle(self._device, ndi_tool_index)
self._tool_descriptors.append({"description" : port_handle,
self._tool_descriptors.append({"description" : ndi_tool_index,
"port handle" : port_handle,
"c_str port handle" :
ndiCommand(self._device, "PINIT:{0:02x}".format(port_handle))
ndiCommand(self._device, 'PHSR:02')
number_of_tools = ndiGetPHSRNumberOfHandles(self._device)
def _enable_tools(self):
if not self._device:
......@@ -344,13 +347,26 @@ class NDITracker:
if not self._tracker_type == "dummy":
ndiCommand(self._device, "PHSR:03")
for tool in self._tool_descriptors:
number_of_tools = ndiGetPHSRNumberOfHandles(self._device)
for tool_index in range(number_of_tools):
port_handle = ndiGetPHSRHandle(self._device, tool_index)
port_handle_already_present = False
for tool in self._tool_descriptors:
if tool.get("port handle") == port_handle:
port_handle_already_present = True
if not port_handle_already_present:
"description" : tool_index,
"port handle" : port_handle,
"c_str port handle" :
mode = 'D'
ndiCommand(self._device, "PENA:{0:02x}{1}"
.format(tool.get("port handle"), mode))
.format(port_handle, mode))
self._check_for_errors('Enabling port handle {}.'
.format(tool.get("port handle")))
def get_frame(self):
"""Gets a frame of tracking data from the NDI device.
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