Commit 235b2486 authored by Thomas Dowrick's avatar Thomas Dowrick

Update code after changes to ImageCropper class

parent 5e70199f
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......@@ -75,17 +75,9 @@ class OverlayOnVideoFeed(OverlayBaseApp):
def set_roi(self, roi):
logging.debug("Setting ROI: {}".format(roi))
start_x, start_y = roi[0]
end_x, end_y = roi[1]
if end_x > start_x and end_y > start_y:
self.start_x, self.start_y = start_x, start_y
self.end_x, self.end_y = end_x, end_y
self.crop = True
self.crop = False
self.start_x, self.start_y = roi[0]
self.end_x, self.end_y = roi[1]
self.crop = True
def update(self):
""" Get the next frame of input and write to file (if enabled). """
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