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Issue #10 added missing git adds

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......@@ -27,3 +27,8 @@ code.
| 0005 | What else ?? | |
When you've finished editing doc/requirements.rst, don't forget to update it on gitlab.
git add doc/requirements.rst
git commit -m "Issue #1 added some functional requirements"
......@@ -52,8 +52,9 @@ fix it and rerun tox. You should now get:
If not, read the output and fix any remaining errors. Once you have all tests passing, commit your changes and push to origin;
git add tests/
git add requirments.txt sksurgeryspherefitting/algorithms/ tests/pylintrc
git commit -m "Issue #1 implemted unit test and fixed style errors"
git commit -m "Issue #1 implemented unit test and fixed style errors"
git push origin 1-get-working
If you wait a few minutes and visit weisslab, you should be able to see your library commit passing
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ just need to edit tox.ini to remove py27.
Commit your changes and push to origin
git add data/CT_level_1.vtp
git add tox.ini tests/pylintrc tests/
git add sksurgeryspherefitting/ui/sk*.py
git commit -m "Issue #2 added user interface"
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