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Tutorial - Object-oriented programming
Author: Ester Bonmati
This tutorial demonstrates a C++ graphical user interface example using Qt.
Qt Toolkit
Download the open source version (online installer) – needs a Qt Account (free)
Check the requirements according to you operating system:
Select Qt Creator in Developer and Designer Tools
Select last version of Qt recommended)
This is the main program. It creates a QApplication and a MainWindow object. And executes the applications (shows the MainWindow).
mainWindow (.cpp and .h)
The MainWindow first asks to select a .png file and then it shows the .png image (openImage function).
It contains an slider at the bottom of the image that allows to apply a threshold to the image (eliminate the pixel values that are lower than the value 'threshold').
Extra files/functions
In the folder there are available two MATLAB functions: LoadDICOMVolume and dicom2png. You are already familiar with the LoadDICOMVolume function as it has been shown several times during the MATLAB lecturers. The dicom2png image uses the LoadDICOMVolume function to load all the images from a directory and converts all the images to .png (pictures). Although this is not ideal as we loose the pixel size, it is easier to load them using Qt.
What to do next
Explore the project structure, think and design a new functionality to load other images (from the same folder), instead of just one (i.e., load a directory at the start of the application instead of a single image and scroll through the images).
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